The R&D laboratory for Regenerative Medicine provide different type of service in cell Biology and stem cell research:

Expansion of cell lines and their cryopreservation
Construction and maintenance of cultured cells: primary cell lines, immortalized cell lines including murine embryonic stem cells and adult human stem cells. Cryopreservation in sterile vials in liquid nitrogen.

Proliferation studies and colorimetric cytotoxicity assay
Growth assay with Crystal violet, BrdU, Trypan blue staining; toxicity studies of drugs with MTT enzymatic assay and determination of IC50.

Flow cytometry for cell phenotype characterization via staining with monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies directed against antigens of membrane or intracytoplasmic proteins.
Immunofluorescence staining for phenotyping of cells in culture.
Western blotting or proteomics analysis.

Preparation of cellular inclusions in paraffin
The Cell-Block technique - from standard cultured cell lines or supplied by the customer or EC laboratory - creates the possibility of embedding more lines into one paraffin block with custom Tissue Micro Array (TMA) construction.
Four core diameters (from 0.6 to 2 mm) are available in TMA Master (3DHistek).
Interpretation of the results can involve digitally scanning the slides with Panoramic Desk (3DHistek) after H&E staining or immunohistochemical determinations.